Can Vacuum Breaker Benefit Your Steam Utilization Piping System?

vacuum breaker

Vacuum breaker is a simple device that facilitates air movement into the steam piping system especially when vacuum is induced. The steam heating system produces a hammer like noise generally known as water hammer. This could be annoying to the ears. It includes conditions that could lead to damage in the traps, vents, piping and regulators. Vacuum breaker valve by Dual Valves helps in contained this condition. Find customized heating and cooling products for industrial processes at

The water hammer can be divided into two types, one is the condensate accumulation and the other is cavitation. The former is water trapped in the horizontal steam piping. The velocity of the steam passing over the condensate leads to the ripple sound. In this case turbulence builds causing the formation of a solid mass filling up the pipe. This solid mass condensates at the speed of the steam and causes the hammer blow.

The cavitation is caused due to the steam bubble being pushed in the pipe that is filled with water. As the bubble losses heat it implodes as the water wall comes together creating a severe force. This can lead to crushing of float balls and can destroy thermostatic elements found in the steam traps. Cavitation is found in wet return lines and discharge piping of pump. A steam system that is regulated does not lead to water hammer.

A steam system promotes condensate drainage irrespective of the operating condition and help in reducing water hammer. Moreover it results in reduced temperature swings and safeguards from uneven temperature. Finally it cuts down on product waste. The heat transfer devices calls for vacuum breaker designated at the points recommended by the manufacturer. The location where the breaker is to be installed includes post control value, above the heat transfer device and steam trap inlet.

All the heat transfer parts whether shell and tube exchanger, air heating coil, plate and frame exchanger or any other device Without vacuum breaker the condensate will back up on the coil and will be visible on the glass. After the vacuum breaker is fixed the coil is free of condensate in all operation conditions. With this the life span of the equipment is extended.

The role of the heat trap is to completely drain the condensate and for this the steam trap should have an outlet tapping that drains into a vented condensate return unit due to gravity. The trap needs to be placed 15 inches below the heat exchanger outlet. Meanwhile the 15 inches trap inlet static head with offer ½ psig static inlet pressure when the shell steam pressure is about 0 psig. The size of the trap has to based on the differential pressure. Meanwhile the safety factor is calculated keeping the full load capacity. For heat exchanger the best option would be a thermostatic or a float trap. Meanwhile the thermostatic element will quickly remove the air from the heat transfer shell. The float element will lead to continuous drainage matching the system condensing rate.

The Importance Of Car Towing Services

Car Towing Services

Car towing services is something that everyone needs to be aware of today. Even though we all tend to think positive that we would never have to encounter their services in the hope that such a situation will never occur to us, it is always better to be prepared than to be sorry. There are plenty of companies that offer car towing, and accident towing services and is one of the best that you can get. There are many details that you need to know about such companies and will guide you in selecting the correct one for your need.

Most people think as to why they have to avail the services of a car towing or breakdown company. We all should be aware that not always it is possible to take your car to a nearby mechanic; sometimes we may need to use the towing services. It is better to take the services so that you do not repent it later. Here are some solid reasons why you need to give importance and enroll for car towing services.

In the event of a breakdown that is in such a way that you are not able to drive a car to the local mechanic, you would be in for a great deal of inconvenience. People who have encountered such a situation would tell you what they have gone through. Some people have been stranded in the middle of nowhere and have even spent entire nights standing on the highway asking for help.

Security Risk
Inconvenience is one thing, but there is a very high-security risk if your car breaks down somewhere and you are not able to find a towing vehicle to help you take it away from there. You could be in some dangerous and that too in an odd time. Car breakdown service companies do the best jobs; they make sure that there is someone to help the customer and that too in quick time. Even if that particular company does not have a presence in that state or city, they have contacts with other towing companies, through which they would send you help.

Financial Loss
In addition to going through a major inconvenience and security risk, you would also be in for a great deal of expenditure. When you are stuck in the middle of the road and are calling up and asking for any towing service company to help, they would charge a bomb. But, since you are not under contract with any other company you will be forced to pay up as you do not have any other choice. The cost that would incur if you have availed the services of a car towing company would be less than what you would spend in case of an emergency.

The car towing services might look like a luxury investment, but it is purely a necessity to save you a lot of time, effort, and most importantly stress. Avail the services of a car towing company and relax as you do not have to panic in case of an uneventful breakdown of your car.