Discover The Amazing Benefits Of The Best Essential Oils

 Essential Oils

Essential oils are Mother Nature’s most precious, albeit scarcely known, gifts. Innumerable benefits can be derived from regular use of these oils. Sites like have provided internet-savvy, health and wellness-seeking individuals with extensive information on the relatively easy techniques by which these oils may be used. In fact, according to popular websites like, more and more people are turning towards such holistic practices to remedy minor, and sometimes even chronic, conditions.

Exactly What Are Essential Oils?
As most people already know, essential oils are natural oils that are obtained through the process of distillation of different parts of medicinal plants. Such oils may be extracted from the peels of fruits and vegetables, the flowers, roots, leaves, resin and even from pieces of the toughened stems or bark.

The practice of extracting essential oils have existed for more than a millennia. The ancients of Egypt and Mesopotamia, have been known to have used these oils in several of their concoctions. Often, these oils were part of the sacred rituals that were undertaken by the High Priests of the kingdom, and were also used by the rich and wealthy people of these ancient societies.

Are They Useful Even In These Modern Times?
One may find it hard to believe, but it’s a fact that the popularity of essential oils have continued to this day! From simple Eucalyptus oils that help alleviate the symptoms of the flu, to fresh and minty Peppermint oils that ward-off bad breath, essential oils have umpteen uses!

Each of these potent oils has its own set of benefits.

Let’s take a quick look at three of the most popular essential oils being marketed today.

Lavender Oil
Discovered more than 2000 years ago, lavender oil is one of the most popular oils being used today. It was used by the ancient Romans as a bath oil. It even finds special mention in the Bible as an oil used for the practice of anointing and even for healing.

The popularity of this essential oil can actually risen in the past few years. This must-have oil is so mild that it can be applied directly onto the skin, without developing any rash or redness.

Some of the benefits one may expect from lavender oil are:
Aids relaxation and improves sleep
Provides pain relief
Improves skin tone
Strong antioxidant, with anti-aging properties
Cures severe and chronic headaches

Rose Oil
One of the most sweetest scents in the world, rose oil is a must for those who love the fresh and warm smell of red roses. Rose oil contains several compounds, each having its own unique use.
Some of them have been enumerated below:
Rose oil contains powerful antimicrobial called Citral that is absolutely essential for the synthesis of vitamin A.
Rose oil owes its strong scent and flavor to the presence of Citronellyl Acetate. Thanks to this compound, rose oil is one of the most added ingredient in beauty products and perfumes.

Turmeric Oil
One of the most used culinary spice in the world, turmeric oil has become quite popular due to its antibacterial properties. Recent studies have also indicated its efficacy in curing dreaded diseases like cancer. Turmeric oil has also been known to improve liver health and even relieve depression.

Use essential oils regularly and say “hello” to health!