How Imelda came to be comes from a stretch of colorful beginnings. It was originally known as Sitio Baluran (after Baluran River) which was part of Margosatubig, the oldest municipality in Zamboanga Del Sur. The doors of development opened for Sitio Baluran when Malangas became a municipality and consequently Sitio Baluran (known as Municipality of Imelda at present) became one of its barangays.

The sitio was later renamed to Barangay Sta. Fe to honor its first Christian teacher who despite her being a woman braved the perilous wilderness and the uncontrollable malaria disease that befell the area during the early years of the American regime.

The popular clamor of residents of the different barangays of Malangas, with Sta. Fe leading, led the Municipal Council of Malangas and Provincial Board of Zamboanga del Sur to pass Resolution No. 52 and Resolution No. 87 (both series of 1972) respectively to recommended to the Congress of the Philippines the creation of the municipality of Imelda. As a result, Congress passed House Bill No. 4626, but Martial Law cut short the passage of the law. It was through the wholehearted support of Regional Commissioner, Rear Admiral Romulo Espaldon, who submitted a favorable recommendation to Malacañang that finally paved the way for the creation of Imelda in honor of then first lady, Madam Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

On November 11, 1977 Imelda was created into a municipality by virtue of P.D. 1239 with Perigino F. Villafania as its first appointed Municipal Mayor. It is history that will tell now where a fledgling sitio has gone now. Meanwhile the people of Imelda derives its source of livelihood from various means of income generating activities:

  1. Farming of its agricultural land which is devoted to the production of agricultural crops like rice, corn, fruits and vegetables
  2. Cottage industry- “balut” (incubated egg) production food processing, concrete products and other cottage industries
  3. Handicraftand wood craft- rattan and wood furniture production, decorative trays, native hats, baskets, mirrors, exquisitely designed furnitures and Metal craft.


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