Some Of Not Popular But Excellent Windows Shortcuts


Each and every one will try to finish their jobs quickly whether it is their personal work or official work. If you want to complete your job quickly and correctly, you need to use some shortcut methods. In the same way, when you are using a computer or laptop, you will be using many shortcut keys to finish your work quickly but there are some unique shortcut keys which are being completely ignored by everyone. Some of the Windows shortcuts keys are very useful and it is good to know about these shortcut keys to develop your computer knowledge. You can also find at some latest technology updates. You can see some of these shortcut keys here below with their benefits.


Almost everyone knows the usage of the shortcut key Ctrl+Z which will undo the last action done by the user. This is one of the famous and commonly used shortcut keys by everyone almost on a daily basis but many of you have not aware how to do the reverse of the undo option. There is a particular shortcut key Ctrl+Y. It will take care of redo of the undo action. You can directly execute this shortcut key on your computer while working to get familiar with so that you will not forget again


If you want to know about your system details quickly when you are doing something on your computer and without disturbing the pages you have opened already, then the windows shortcut key Win+Pause/Break is the ideal option for you. It will straightaway open your system details on your screen

Alt+Print Screen

If you want to take only the print screen of the active window, then you can use the shortcut key of Alt+Print Screen. There is no need to do any editing activities when you are using this shortcut key.


You have to use the windows explorer many times when you are doing something on your computer. There are a shortcut key Win+E which will directly open the windows explorer. This will reduce considerable time of navigating to my computer to open the windows explorer each and every time


Normally if you want to create a new folder in windows explorer, you have to right-click on the mouse and you have to select the new folder option. You can easily create a new folder just by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+N buttons and the new folder created will be waiting for you to rename it.

Win+Right Arrow+Enter

If you want to shut down your PC using a shortcut key, then you have to use Win+Right-arrow+Enter. This shortcut key will enable the first option under the shutdown button.

Win+Arow Keys

If you want to snap your active menus to either side of the screen so that you can easily work without frequently changing the screens, you have to use the Win+Arrow Keys


Everyone is aware of the usage of Alt+Tap screen to change from the active window to the previous window but there is an excellent option to view and select from all the open windows just by pressing the shortcut key Win+Tab.